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We bring efficient international operating models, processes that manage scale and intricacy, and strategies to drive development in the fashion industry.

I make a living judging individuals’ dresses, we are constantly critiquing everyone's looks on the carpet. Find more info on chescadirect.co.uk .


It's the outfit of all dresses, the one that would survive permanently in images and albums for years to come. It was now my goal to find the bridal gown that would be placed on display screen for all to see. When all was stated and done, there were so lots of things I wanted and I would have known on my trip to discover That Perfect Dress.


Fashion companies also understand that abilities are vital to compete effectively but deal with a major challenge in choosing among thousands and millions of dresses available. We can help bride-to-be’s begin on that trip by helping them make wise decision in choosing their perfect wedding dress in a clear strategic vision.





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